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League of Freaks



This is the trailer for League of Freaks, a game concept about circus freaks designed by three HKU Animation graduates; Raymond Schmitz, Vivianne Du Bois and Carmen van Sleeuwen.

For this trailer we created all the audio. The awesome art style reminded us of old school Cartoon Network shows like the Powerpuff Girls, so we took some of that as inspiration for the music, sound effects and voice-acting.

Voice cast:
Circus ringmaster – Jorick Bronius
The Sword Swallower/Mr. Poppy/Monkeys – Felix Jr. Morilla Pulmano
The Bearded Lady – Barry van der Knaap
Quadruple arms/The Snake Charmer – Nola Klop

What we did

composition Composition

sounddesign Sound Design

mixing Mixing

voicecoaching Voice Coaching

voiceacting Voice Acting