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StoryZoo is an animated TV show for young children to playfully learn the English language.

We delivered the full audio package for StoryZoo; songwriting, composition, sound design, voice editing, mixing and mastering. The entire team behind this production has put a lot of heart in this first season of StoryZoo and we hope to create many more!

Pepper the Parrot: Emma Dingwall
Bax the Bear: Simon Zwiers
Toby the Monkey: Nola Klop
Song vocals: Nola Klop

Voices recorded at Wim Pel Productions and directed by Stephan Holwerda.

CEO & Founder: Johannes Gropp
Animation team: Marieke van Middelkoop, Marloes Kiezebrink, Janneke van den Biggelaar, Mandy Geuskens, Jesse Boom, Jordie Roomer, Mark Zuijderwijk, Nick Driessen en Raymond Schmitz.
Script writers: Tingue Dongelmans en Christa de Graaff.

What we did

composition Composition

sounddesign Sound Design

mixing Mixing

mastering Mastering

voiceacting Voice Acting