About Us

We are manglemoose

manglemoose is a hodgepodge (Dutch: ‘mengelmoes’) of five audio technologists with a shared passion for music and sound design for media

Our strength lies in the collaboration between the five individuals with each their own different expertise. We believe that combining those individual talents contributes to bring your project to an even higher level! Together we offer a fitting solution for your project. From recording a single voice actor for a commercial to the complete audio package for film or games! Including: recording on set, composition, sound design and mixing.

So, do you have a project in need of designed audio?

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Our Services


Composition is custom made music for your project, possible in any musical genre!

The huge benefit of custom music is that you can guide your audience through emotions what really enhances the story.

Sound Design

Sound design entails all the non-musical sounds you hear. From footsteps to explosions and from whooshes to pops.

At manglemoose we use a lot of our own recordings to create a unique sound palette.

Audio Mixing

If dialogue, music and sound design are the ingredients, mixing would be the craft of cooking.

At the mixing stage we make sure your project fits the required standards for its destination. We make sure the dialogue is well intelligible and we make choices about the dynamics between the ingredients.


Whether you need a single voice actor recorded or a complete filmcast on set. We are here to help you!

In our studio we have an acoustic treated recording room with high end gear that definitely matches the industry standards. Our boom operator is willing to help you in the field with his portable recording gear.