Le Pain



‘Le Pain’ is a historical short film that follows a house search during the 2nd World War. A German soldier investigates whether a Jewish family is hiding in a dilapidated farmhouse that only seems to be inhabited by a French speaking Belgian girl.

The people of Studio Gotley are one of the most passionate film makers we ever worked with and that shows. Not only did they deliver this beautiful, stylistic movie, but they also organised a premiere party with actual war vehicles and even a photo book of the production.

Although there was no war during the video shoot (thank god), Pepijn Tebrunsvelt (director) asked us to design a soundtrack that made the audience believe there was an actual German invasion. In the opening scene you can hear the German soldiers approach the house, which creates a really eery feeling that drags you into the story.

Feel free to wacht Le Pain here or check out this awesome making of.

Directed by: Pepijn Tebrunsvelt

Writing Credits: Pepijn Tebrunsvelt

Cast: Louise Buysschaert, Stacy Nieskens, Niels Peetjens en Roy van Kleef

Produced by: Klaas Bies

Music by: Niels Peetjens

Sound design & mixing: Manglemoose

What We Did

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