Mega City Police



Hello, Officer. Mega City needs your services. Are you ready to uphold the law?

The crime is out of control, the streets are not clean. There are criminals and psychopaths everywhere, ready to cut anyone’s throat. A corrupt megacorporation squeezes the life out of the citizens, seeking to establish control all over the city.

Only the incorruptible police officers of Mega City Police Department stand fast before the crime wave that consumed the city and threatens to overwhelm society.

Choose your cop and dive into a deadly battle against the criminals and brutal bosses to unleash the beast of justice in the darkest corners of the city.


We did sound design and a couple of level tracks for Mega City Police. It was really interesting to develop such a big arsenal of weapons with all its own characters and unique features. While playing you can recognize our voices, as we did all the voice recordings ourselves.

Mega City Police is a game developed by Undreamed Games and is now available on steam.

What We Did


sounddesignSound Design

voiceactingVoice Acting