We produced all music, speech and sound effects for the Somnox sleep robot.

We researched what aspects of music and sound are calming to people. We learned that a slow breathing rhythm is crucial to falling asleep quickly. We mimicked a good breathing rhythm in our compositions that listeners can follow along to. Breath in, and breath out. And if you listen carefully, you can definitely hear it in the music.

We’ve experienced that a lot of people love hearing natural sounds when they are trying sleep, like birds, crickets or raindrops on a tent canvas. It can be really relaxing to feel like you’re laying in a natural environment like a forest, a field or at the side of a lake. That is why we recorded and designed a lot of ambient sounds for the robot

Aside from the music, we also created the interface sounds of the sleep robot. These can mainly be heard when you use its controls. For example, when you turn it on, when you connect your phone or when you change the volume. For these sound effects, we really had to think about the personality of the sleep robot and how we could translate that into sound.


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