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Hi! My name is Barry van der Knaap and I work as a sound designer at manglemoose! It’s interesting how rocking the guitar on stage has somehow led me to become a professional sound designer. Although, that background really learnt me to approach sound design in a musical way and made me develop an feel


Hi, I’m Mark van Mameren! At manglemoose, I’m responsible for composing electronic music and mixing! I’m the last stop before a manglemoose production reaches the end user. That means making sure that all audio meet the latest technical standards and sound the best they can! Long ago, my musical career started with playing the recorder


Hi! I’m Mathijs Wiermans. I work as a composer at manglemoose. If you hear something atmospheric, abstract or electronic here at manglemoose, there’s a good chance I created it. Next to composing, I also develop software. I make apps, websites and back-end services. I’m very intrigued by the combination of music and software. So when


Hello there! My name is Matties Grooten, I work as a composer for all kinds of media. I like to combine orchestral sounds with synthetic elements to create atmospheric film music! When I was younger I felt really moved by certain film music. That’s when I started to realize that composing music for film is


Hi, I’m Sjoerd Kats! I’m a real sound and technology enthusiast. I spend my days both as a sound designer and boom operator. I really like the variety of doing creative sound design work in the studio, but also entering the field to record about everything that generates sound. What drives me on set is