Game Über



Happy-go-lucky Daisy starts her first day working as a taxi driver for an online taxi service. Soon after she picks up her first client, businesswoman Esther, Daisy finds out that Esther has an unusual final destination.

We did sound design and mixing for this short film. With our design we focussed on emphasizing the differences between the two main characters. On the one hand we have Daisy who is really enthusiastic, emphatic and energetic, where on the other hand Esther is a bit cold and stand-offish.

Directed by: Fokke Baarssen

Writing Credits: Fokke Baarssen, Karlijn Koel, Jelle Tigchelaar, Willemijn de Jonge, Emma van Loon, Ferdi Çelik

Cast: Willemijn de Jonge & Karlijn Koel

Produced by: Ferdi Çelik

Music by: Rob Peters

Sound design & mixing: Manglemoose

What We Did

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