Dashing Dodgems



Dashing Dodgems is a fast-paced, frantic multiplayer game about destroying cities and friendships! Players drive around with bumpercars to knock other players into the water. The last car driving wins. If the match takes too long, the environment will start to collapse, making the island smaller. It features four-player split-screen, online multiplayer, full destructibility, four themes with twenty unique maps, five customizable game-modes, eight playable characters with fully customizable bumpercars and many hours of competitive fun!

We were honoured to develop a unique soundtrack commissioned by our dear friends from Yellowcake Games. We composed the main theme music, which suits the feeling of fun and excitement. Throughout the level, the music starts to develop and introduce more layers, to heighten the intensity in the game. With the solid drum beats and the combination of synth elements and acoustic instruments, like guitar and brass, we created an energetic race battle soundtrack with emphasis on fun.

Play the demo on Steam.
Have fun racing!


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