Het Archief Leeft



This unique animated show ‘The Archive Lives’ was produced for the new permanent exhibition ‘Utrecht Starts Here’ of the Utrecht Archives. This exhibition is a perfect starting point for people visiting Utrecht, as well as its residents. This ‘The Archive Lives’ room has been built right at the entrance of the museum, to explain to visitors the importance of the existence of this archive. In the animated show, Utrecht’s historical figures come to life out of prints, drawings and photo’s, while they explain about the origin of the city of Utrecht and the role the archives plsy in preserving its history. Animation studio Colorbleed partnered up with communication-company Podium and hired us for voice recordings, music, sound design and implementation.

We recorded the voice actors in our studio. In addition to the sound capture, we filmed the faces of the voice actors as well while they performed. This way, Colorbleed could recreate the facial expressions as realistic as possible. The voice actors who play the historical characters are: Sander de HeerHadass Pelter and Rogier van Schoonderwoerd den Bezemer. If you ever visit the city centre of Utrecht, please take the time to go to the Utrecht Archives to experience this unique show.

What We Did

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