Sneakersnstuff, Nike and Ronin Amsterdam created a basketball game that lets you travel through time. We all know the sound of a basketball bouncing on the floor or rushing through a net. But how do these sounds develop over time and in different areas? That was something we had to experiment with!

This game goes through three era’s where the same audio events take place. In the first era is the past. In this case a basketball field in one of the suburbs of a big city. Notice the police sirens and barking dogs in the background and we chose to make the basketball sounds gritty and rough to make them sound as urban as they can.

The second era is present time, what you hear here is a modern basketball hall with squeaking shoes and a good amount of reverb. The basketball sounds are more polished and clean. We also wanted to give this era a more professional feel, which worked out pretty well.

In the third era we face the future! How does a basketball sound in a surrealistic, digital environment? This is our chance to go wild with sci-fi bleeps and buzzers without digressing too much from the previous era’s! In the background we designed a futuristic developing drone sound, to make it feel more surrealistic. The ball sounds are glassy, digital sounding,  we used some synthesizers to enhance this even more! But it was very important to keep the ball characteristics, that’s why we used some real basketball sounds as layers.

As a result we designed three different sounding era’s. To maintain some kind of unity, we made sure the general in game sounds, sounds the same in every era. Also, the sound assets in every assets has the same character and length, despite the different source material. In the end we are really happy with the result.

This game is produced by Ronin Amsterdam commissioned by Sneakersnstuff. To play the game you can download the Sneakersnstuff app!

What We Did

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