The Voice



Reggie works for the popular talent show THE VOICE and makes sure everything is running smoothly in and around the film studio. In this brand new series “Lights, Camera, Reggie?!” a camera team follows the adventures of crew member Reggie but… some things don’t go as planned… They get Reggie in big trouble and the recordings of The Blind Auditions are at risk. Will Reggie get fired or can he save the studio on time?

For this episode we did the complete audio package! First we recorded the voice actors in our studio and made an edit for animation. When the animation was finished we started with music and sound design with a comedy approach. After the final mix was done, the video went online and got a serious amount of views!

Plans for the further production of the series are now being made. Make sure you check out the pilot episode here on this page or on youtube!


Animation: Pompoensoep Animaties

Voice Acting: Adam Fields, Boet Schouwink, Damon Fries, Nola Klop

Script: Michiel Peereboom

What We Did


sounddesignSound Design



voicecoachingVoice Coaching