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Le Pain

‘Le Pain’ is a historical short film that follows a house search during the 2nd World War. A German soldier investigates whether a Jewish family is hiding in a dilapidated farmhouse that only seems to be inhabited by a French speaking Belgian girl. The people of Studio Gotley are one of the most passionate film

Blue Rain

“After giving birth, Saar flees into what could have been her future. When the safe delusion is overtaken by harsh reality, everything becomes unbearable.” Blue Rain (Blauwe Regen) is a short film based on a tragic true story directed by Jet Kragt. We feel honored that Jet trusted us for the sound design and mixing


We designed music and sound design for this Prominent commercial, beautifully animated by Colorbleed. The composition exists of sounds and music, we created a balance between those two worlds. If you want to learn more about this project, watch the making of: Check out the endresult:

Jac Hensen

Check out this awesome short we did for Jac Hensen in collaboration with Robin Joshua! Jac Hensen sells male fashion clothes in multiple stores throughout the Netherlands. Our concept for this video was to really enrich the video with sound design and to give it an authentic vintage sound. Throughout the video you can hear


We create the sonic identity of Decathlon Nederland. Decathlon’s sound is sportive but sometimes also a bit cosy. Some of their commercials are about the holiday feeling on a camping and others about a sportsman who go’s al the way at a training. The sonic branding gifs Decathlon a unique and recognisable sound. 


We produced all music, speech and sound effects for the Somnox sleep robot. We researched what aspects of music and sound are calming to people. We learned that a slow breathing rhythm is crucial to falling asleep quickly. We mimicked a good breathing rhythm in our compositions that listeners can follow along to. Breath in,

The Efteling

Commisioned by René Merkelbach from Audiocult we composed several tracks for the Efteling.
We produced the instrumental for the pancake dance. The song is used in the theme park to entertain the crowd with a dance performance on the squares. We were honoured with the request of making a remix of one of the Efteling’s most famous

Turnhouts Drukwerk

A visit to the Nationaal Museum Van De Speelkaart will from now on start with a beautifully animated introduction to the main themes of the museum. The 3 episodes take you on a journey through the history of Turnhouts printing, the industrial revolution and the history of the card game! The series was animated by

The Voice

Reggie works for the popular talent show THE VOICE and makes sure everything is running smoothly in and around the film studio. In this brand new series “Lights, Camera, Reggie?!” a camera team follows the adventures of crew member Reggie but… some things don’t go as planned… They get Reggie in big trouble and the

Dashing Dodgems

Dashing Dodgems is a fast-paced, frantic multiplayer game about destroying cities and friendships! Players drive around with bumpercars to knock other players into the water. The last car driving wins. If the match takes too long, the environment will start to collapse, making the island smaller. It features four-player split-screen, online multiplayer, full destructibility, four